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At Connectology, we specialize in Digital Forensics and eDiscovery. Our expert team, trained by leading industry professionals, is ready to tackle your discovery and investigative challenges with precision and efficiency.

Our Services Include (but are not limited to):

Data Extraction and Recovery

  • Mobile Device and Cell Phone Image Extraction: Secure extraction of data from mobile devices for comprehensive analysis.

  • Computer and Network Image Extractions: Capture complete digital copies of data from computers and networks.

  • Data Recovery from Damaged Drives: Recover crucial data from drives compromised by physical damage or software issues.

  • Data/File Carving: Retrieve hidden or deleted files from unallocated drive space, essential for thorough investigations.

Incident Response and Analysis

  • Rapid and thorough response to cyber incidents, identifying breach points, impacted data, and providing actionable mitigation strategies.

Advanced Cybersecurity Forensics

  • Expert analysis of cyber-attacks to trace sources, understand attack vectors, and develop robust defense strategies.

Litigation Support

  • Providing critical support in legal cases through digital evidence preparation, expert witness testimony, and technical insights.

  • Expert Witness Credentials: Connectology is an approved expert witness vendor with the Office of Public Defender of Wayne County, MI, and Macomb County, MI, bringing certified expertise to your legal challenges.

Social Media and Cloud Forensics

  • Specialized recovery and analysis of data from social media platforms and cloud storage, vital for modern investigations.

Encryption and Password Recovery

  • Accessing encrypted data and recovering passwords, essential for comprehensive digital investigations.

Forensic Data Analytics

  • Utilizing advanced data analytics to interpret complex datasets, crucial in uncovering hidden patterns and fraudulent activities.

IoT Forensics

  • Forensic examination of IoT devices, from smart home systems to wearables, to uncover vital digital evidence.

Forensic Imaging and Video Analysis

  • Extracting and analyzing data from images and videos for detailed and conclusive investigative insights.

Document and Data Management

  • Electronic Data Discovery (EDD): Streamline the discovery process with our advanced electronic data discovery methods.

  • Meta-data Extraction: Extract and analyze meta-data for detailed insights into your digital documents.

  • Email Discovery and PST File Processing: Efficient management and analysis of email data for comprehensive insights.

  • Image and PDF Conversion: Convert documents into desired formats for ease of access and analysis.

  • Optical Character Recognition: Transform scanned documents into editable and searchable data.

Digital Forensics

  • Comprehensive Computer/Digital Forensics: In-depth analysis of digital devices to uncover critical information.

  • Forms Processing: Efficient processing and analysis of form data to extract valuable insights.

Additional Services

  • Digital Color Printing: High-quality printing solutions for your digital content.

  • Digital Document Printing: Professional printing services tailored for your digital documents.

  • Optical Character Recognition: Convert scanned documents into editable formats, enhancing usability and accessibility.

Contact Us

  • Looking for expert assistance in Digital Forensics and eDiscovery? Contact us today to learn how Connectology can support your specific needs.

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